Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Richmond Premiere covered in Style Weekly

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  1. I can't stop crying, after viewing the trailer for your film. I am that elder who is going to have to go back into the closet. I marched in the first gay pride parades, I lost jobs because I refused to stay closeted, I worked on your first gay newspapers to help bring our issues to the fore, I marched when Harvey died and marched and rioted when Dan White was convicted of manslaughter for his murder... now there are nurses who would not let me order my own breakfast nor allow me to cut my hair how I choose. I am butch. I will die alone. With long hair. Against my wishes.

    Remember how we always said (my friends and I) that we would start up our own lesbian nursing home, Rainbow Acres? It didn't happen. The LandDyke movement fizzled out and we all forgot that we will grow old one day without a place to call our own. With no one to tend to us except intolerant straight people who negate who we are. People who don't care for us, in fact they sometimes hate us. For being who we are. We do not lose our identity when we grow old.

    This movie is necessary. Thank you. I hope someday to see it in its entirety but even the trailer is so moving. Again, Thank you.