Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's exciting to travel to Richmond, VA

The fundraising screening of Gen Silent in Richmond this weekend is just off the hook! I can hear their applause and support from here in San Francisco.

But I am also quietly comforted by the chance to ask people to support a message that must be heard. I feel it in my gut when I think about the thousands of people we could help. We will need donations in the next 90 days to continue showing this film to people who need to see it most: the person making policy at an assisted living facility, the paid caregiver in a nursing home, the loved one who feels alone.

THAT is why I will get up at 3am with gratitude. It is a such a privilege to be with folks who have created an opportunity to show our film and work together to help our LGBT elders.

Richmond Premiere covered in Style Weekly

A Queer Age | Articles/Archives | Style Weekly

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gen Silent director makes radio appearance

Gen Silent Director Stu Maddux will be on NPR's "The State of Things" Tuesday at 12:40 ET/ 9:40 PT:

Providence RI screening will be filled with cast and crew

Gen Silent Director Stu Maddux

This is the first weekend since our recent launch that we will have screenings going on in different cities at the same time.

While I'm in Raleigh/Durham NC at the NCGLFF, much of the cast and crew will be in Providence, RI for our screening at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.
In Providence, look for the Gen Silent's Executive Producer, Barrie Atkin to head up the Q&A along with film subjects Lawrence Johnson and Mel Simms (did I miss anyone?).

Gen Silent Executive Producer Barrie Atkin

Ethos Executive Director Dale Mitchell (who'se innovative programs are in the film) is scheduled to attend as well.
These screenings have really turned into very lively discussions thanks to all of them.
Ethos Executive Director Dale Mitchell

Friday, August 6, 2010

Looking forward to attending NCGLFF

The Carolina Theatre in Durham

It'll be nice to see friends next weekend at the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Durham, NC.

The community really turns out for the event and filmmakers know it's a good festival to attend because of how organized and friendly the planners are.

The theater for Sunday's screening of Gen Silent seats 900. You'd think that's a wonderful thing but it's nerve wracking thinking about filling those seats. I guess the programmers believe the film is good enough to do respectably. It is pretty good isn't it! ;)

Looking out into all those faces even half full is very rewarding. And if we can just change one person's life then flying out there is worth it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Documentary about LGBT aging premieres in Durham, NC


August 3, 2010


Those that fought the first battles for equality now face so much fear of discrimination in aging care that they are hiding their lives in record numbers.

Thousands are dying earlier than their straight counterparts, because they are afraid to ask for help.

(DURHAM, NC) Six-time Emmy award-winning director Stu Maddux asks six LGBT elders if they will hide their sexual orientation to avoid being abused or discriminated against by the people and places caring for them. The film features experts who are reaching out to care facilities to educate them about special issues of elderly gay people, such as having no children or being estranged from their families. GEN SILENT has its North Carolina premiere as part of the 15th Annual North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival ( Director Maddux will be there for Q&A sessions after each screening.

Here is what people are saying about GEN SILENT:

“The North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and The Carolina Theatre in Durham are proud to include Gen Silent in its line up” says Chuck Wheeler, NCGLFF Steering Committee co-chair. “It is Maddux’s finest work so far.”

“We are especially excited to be sharing our stories in North Carolina,” added Lawrence Johnson, one of the subjects of the film. “My story is like thousands of others in your community.”

“Director Stu Maddux has created a wonderful and powerful documentary that asks the question, ‘Who will take care of us as we age?’ There is hope for everyone, but these organizations cannot do it alone.” – Bay Windows


TIMES & LOCATIONS: Saturday, August 14, 3:15 p.m. – Carolina theatre, Cinema 1
Sunday, August 15, 5:20 p.m. – Carolina theatre, Fletcher Hall
309 W. Morgan St., Downtown Durham

FOR TICKET INFORMATION: Call The Carolina Theatre box office at 919-560-3030 or go to

Want to host a screening of GEN SILENT? Visit

Monday, August 2, 2010

Excerpt of my latest doc on PBS stations

I had to leave our screening in Provincetown. MA a day early last month because the producers at AARP's show "Inside E Street" wanted footage of Gen Silent for an episode about LGBT aging. The episode airs this weekend on selected PBS stations but you can see it here:
Inside E Street 1019: Gay and Gray - AARP

They worked hard on the show and anytime a syndicated program mentions your film, you bow your head and say thanks. It was worth scrambling back to the office for.