Monday, May 31, 2010

Big month in store for new documentary

MA Statehouse is one of the backgrounds that Gen Silent's closing credits to donors plays over.
This month we screen the film to lawmakers inside.

This Friday, June 4th, Gen Silent screens at one of the world's most important LGBT film festivals, New Fest in New York. Details

After "taking a few meetings". I head back to Boston for a screening of the film at the Massachusetts State House to help raise lawmaker awareness of LGBT aging issues (that is even more exciting to me than NewFest).

On June 17th and 19th Gen Silent screens at the Provincetown International Film Festival and they are an organized, classy bunch. Good festival!

In between all that I will be doing a lot of quiet reflection on how to manage all the opportunities to help people that this film is creating.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Laurel Leaves for Gen Silent

Kingpin naps on the growing stack of festival submission forms

Multi-tasking is an understatement. I've been catching up on a hundred work things as I slowly output and re-output the latest edition of our documentary on LGBT Aging, Gen Silent.

Its world premiere earlier this month at the Boston LGBT Film Festival was very encouraging (two sold out shows and three standing ovations). Now comes the 10% of finishing left:
technical correction and content changes based on audience feedback.

The computer below makes laurel leaves while the one above renders out the film

In between the rendering (computer processing video) is when I try to get out the news that we have a good film on our hands. Things like making the graphic of those little laurel leaves for the film festivals we are accepted in: NewFest, Provincetown Intl. Film Festival, NCGLFF.

I'm looking forward to soon having help with all these things. It will all depend on our fundraising.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

World premiere of latest Stu Maddux documentary sells out, gets three standing ovations

Cast of Gen Silent with Director Stu Maddux (2nd from right)

The world premiere of our documentary on LGBT seniors, Gen Silent was a triumph. The article above gives all the fun details!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The first completed version

I just sent the first completed version of Gen Silent to it's premiere this weekend in Boston at the LGBT Film Festival there. We chose Boston because the film is entirely shot there.

It's taken twenty months to get to this Fed-Ex drop off and the last four months have been non-stop in front of the editor. Working out stopped about two months ago when it became clear that we wouldn't be getting an assistant editor.

Director Stu Maddux 10 lbs. heavier after the final months of editing

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hard to believe it's been a year since Krys Anne passed away

KrysAnne Hembrough from Gen Silent

Emails from Krys Anne's caregiving group circulated today in remembrance of the anniversary of her death from cancer.
She is one of the most compelling subjects of my current documentary, Gen Silent that premiere's in just a few days.

Krys Anne reviews her latest interview shot on a Canon XH-A1

For me, it was the anniversary of pulling together a group of people in the LGBT community to care for her. We barely knew each other or her. But through her case worker, Jenifer Firestone, we learned that our community has the power to care for our LGBT elders or any if us who is facing mortality alone.
Many of us know what it's like to be alone. I think it's the one thing I'm grateful that people coming out today will never have to feel- that they are the only LGBT person in the world. But there is a power in having felt that. I won't let it happen to people on the back side of their lives.

Krys Anne and Director Stu Maddux look at footage during their first week shooting