Monday, August 9, 2010

Providence RI screening will be filled with cast and crew

Gen Silent Director Stu Maddux

This is the first weekend since our recent launch that we will have screenings going on in different cities at the same time.

While I'm in Raleigh/Durham NC at the NCGLFF, much of the cast and crew will be in Providence, RI for our screening at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.
In Providence, look for the Gen Silent's Executive Producer, Barrie Atkin to head up the Q&A along with film subjects Lawrence Johnson and Mel Simms (did I miss anyone?).

Gen Silent Executive Producer Barrie Atkin

Ethos Executive Director Dale Mitchell (who'se innovative programs are in the film) is scheduled to attend as well.
These screenings have really turned into very lively discussions thanks to all of them.
Ethos Executive Director Dale Mitchell

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