Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Email excerpt to GenSilent subject Lawrence Johnson

I'm so glad that you wrote and I am very excited to see you "tweeting!" Please tweet more! I learned the name of your new book through your tweet and think it is just PERFECT!!! Don't change it! It also helps me know what's going on with you. From the filmmaker standpoint I feel disconnected out here in San Francisco after weeks of not seeing each other in Boston. On the other hand, I have been editing your footage so you have been in my face for days now!

We have made slow progress with the film these past three weeks because of other things on our plate that I had hoped to clear off a month ago. We have the money and the outline ready to move into high gear with editing but there are a lot of other preliminaries that have to be buttoned up that have to do with marketing etc. And while we are outsourcing as much as possible, it still is a mountain of work. 90% of independent filmmaking seems to have nothing to do with actually making the film.
One of those preliminary items is getting the news letter for the film up and running. Look for it today or tomorrow.

BTW- The cat ate the outline for your edit. I'm serious. We printed another. He says its good.

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