Monday, August 10, 2009

Bad tech days are always on Mondays

The view from my desk in Novato, CA.

I found myself in the middle of editing the second five minutes of Gen Silent this morning when something happened that has never happened before (and I've been using FCP since 1.0):
the program disappeared.
My editing software just left the computer.
All my files (all my work) is still here...but none of it is opening. It will eventually but...

What a glorious morning it was going to be riding my bike to the gym enjoying the hills of Marin county, CA while footage rendered at home and my Iphone kept me posted.

I've had to stop all my plans and reload the entire suite of software. It takes a while.
These things always happen on Mondays. Even when I've been working all weekend, am in the groove, Mondays are still a troubled day.

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