Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sneak peak of new Stu Maddux doc well received in Boston.

Subjects and experts featured in Gen Silent still like
Director Stu Maddux (back row right)

“I wasn’t concerned about the audience liking the trailer as much as I was the people who have agreed to be in our film,” said Gen Silent director Stu Maddux after the public's first look at the latest offering from MAD STU Productions. Gen Silent, a full-length documentary looking at the problem of LGBT elders facing so much fear about discrimination in healthcare/long-term care that they often hide their sexuality and forgo medical care.

At Boston's GLBT Film Festival, applause for the trailer lasted more than a half-minute. “But it was the hugs from those seniors and experts who agreed to be filmed that let me know they are pleased with how we are telling their story, added Maddux. that’s very important to me.”

Gen Silent is scheduled for completion in September.

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