Saturday, May 2, 2009

Documentary subject succumbs to terminal illness

KrysAnne Hembrough November, 2008

KrysAnne Hembrough, one of the seniors profiled in the latest Stu Maddux documentary, Gen Silent, died early this morning in her sleep. Hembrough had been fighting an aggressive form of cancer for several years. She was 60.

In the fall of 2008, Maddux chose Hembrough to be one of the seniors profiled in his film about LGBT elders facing fear and isolation in their struggle for adequate health/long-term care. Hembrough, a trangendered woman, had few friends and was estranged from her family. “She was in a desperate struggle to find people to take care of her in her final days and that’s is what will be showing in this film,” says Maddux. “We will also be showing a woman with immense hope and a passion for life.”

LGBT Seniors Profiled in Gen Silent

One of Krys Anne’s final wishes was to see some form of the finished film and attend its premiere. While the documentary is not scheduled for completion until the Fall, a trailer was just a few week’s from being done. “We knew that her illness was reaching its final stages and we were in our own desperate struggle to get the trailer completed before she passed away,” added Maddux.
Hembrough was able to see the trailer three days before she died. Bob Linscott (LGBT Aging Project), who made the hospital room viewing possible, says that she watched it repeatedly in tears.
Hembrough watching Gen Silent trailer several days before her death

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