Friday, May 29, 2009

I've really debated whether or not to post this...

...but I think I better give my readers/viewers all sides.

KrysAnne Hembrough

One of the subjects in my current film told me repeatedly before she died that she was abandoned by her family when she became a woman. KrysAnne Hembrough (born Kevin) had all the proof. She showed me hate mail from her family and throughout her terminal illness only one family member visited regularly before she died.

But since her death KrysAnne's family has been writing me about how she abandoned them beginning year's earlier. That they were pushed away.

It may seem like something that is better left alone but KrysAnne's story is a very important part of our look at the isolation that leaves many LGBT folks without anyone to take care for them.

Was it her own fault as they said?
Then this email was sitting on my computer [sic]:


I responded:
From: StuMaddux
Subject: Re: I AM SERIOUS.....
Who are you? I have not intentionally been sending you anything.

From AnneMarie@XXXXXXX (address deleted by moderator) wrote:
I am ANN MARIE the tenth of eleven Hebrough children --- I had said along time ago to my big brother KEVIN "God have MERCY on your soul" He new that --

So, Was KrysAnne right all along?


  1. I have been receiving the updates and posts on LGBT and the documentary on it. I will say that I personally believe KrysAnne side of the story, and I know that you tell the truth. if you read hate mail from her siblings, then it is true that they did abandon her in earlier years. It's sounds to me that since her passing, they would like a different light shown on their actions of the past. But this e-mail you personally received, tells a lot more. You can almost feel the hate there, and the words used was not the kind I would personally use either. I have no respect for the person that wrote that it. Nor did I tend to believe that person.
    I will say that God made us all, he made us all different, and he gave us the freedom of choice. He loves us all, no matter if we are straight, gay, or what ever, he loves us all. If we could be more like Jesus, loving and excepting, and forgiving, the world would be such a better place.
    I am straight, but I do have gay friends, and I love them as much as I love any of my friends or family for that matter. They are no different when it comes to being a friend, they just have different choices they have made for themselves. And I respect that. I think if someone changes their gender, it is their choice, and they have a reason for doing so. You may not understand it, but you need to respect their choice. It is their life to live, and no one else's. It doesn't change the heart. We all make our own choices in life,no matter what the choices are, we have to make them every day.
    I hope that others might think about what I have said and hope that someone who did feel badly against someone for the choices , think about the choices they have made in their life.. And remember in doing so that God made us all, made us all different, and let us make our own choices in life, and he loves us all.
    Have a good day Stu, and keep up the good work!!

  2. I feel sad for this woman. To be hated by your family, then have them put the blame on you after your gone is disgusting.