Thursday, February 12, 2009

Son of documentary subject now part of her story

KrysAnne Hembrough

The son of the transgender woman who we are following has begun to play a part in her care. That’s quite a coup because up to now the story has been one of complete abandonment by her family. That’s why we originally began documenting her battle with a terminal illness in our latest documentary, Gen Silent. Abandonment, isolation, fear of being judged are all reasons that LGBT people choose to go back into hiding in order to protect themselves in illness and old age.

Adam Hembrough, the youngest son of KrysAnne Hembrough first appeared in her hospital room several weeks ago when her death from lung cancer seemed only weeks away. None of KrysAnne’s family had been a part of her life since her transition more than five years ago. Many suddenly made brief visits at this crucial moment. But as her health improved from radiation treatments only Adam seemed to be paying regular visits.
During her month long stay he made only a half dozen or so visits but their relationship seemed to gradually improve- to the point that Adam is a small but growing part of his “father’s” care now that she is at home.

It will be important to watch how this new part of her story unfolds. We have interviewed Adam for the film during this latest production shoot in Boston. A happy ending is more of a possibility.

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