Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sedona Film Fest will be a much needed break

Sedona, Arizona

It will so nice to disconnect from my current project, Gen Silent, for a week and attend the Sedona International Film Festival in Arizona. Our documentary, Trip to Hell and Back will be screening there and the festival folks have graciously put us up for the week. It looks like it will be a "big-name" event set against some of the most beautiful scenery that the Southwest has to offer.

My parents have also decided to come up from their home in Phoenix to see the film and stay for a while. Dad will probably cook something terrific and Mom will be learning her new Mac and Itouch.

Richard and Claire Maddux with the mixer the family bought them for Christmas

Of course I just can't seem to put down something that has so captured my interest. I'm loading up the laptop with footage files from the doc I've got in production, Gen Silent. Putting the story all together at this stage gives me the same feeling as I got when I picked up a Rubik's cube as a kid. I can't seem to put it down until...
I want to throw it at a wall.

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  1. Awesome! I wish we hung out more... HAVE FUN!