Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heading home with plenty to shoot

Friends bucking me up while I was feeling troubled in NY

I'll be so glad to get home about midnight tonight after a week in New York and Boston researching subjects for "Gen Silent" (working title).
There is no shortage of seniors with stories to share about the unique hardships of growing old LGBT. I'll be back in less than a month to begin shooting. But now I must get ready for the DVD release of another project Trip to Hell and Back.
Trip Harting's memorial is at the end of this week and there will be a screening of the film after the service. That should be interesting. I've already had one woman who was in the film tell me that I am profiting from Trip's premature death and that she is holding her own service for Trip rather than come to this one. That hurt a lot for about an hour. I kep reminding myself that the last thing Trip said to me was that he wanted a screening at his memorial service. That's all that matters.

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