Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finding documentary subjects

Today I met the first two possible subjects for this doc on LGBT aging and the back-to back meetings took me from despair to hope in the course of two hours. The first man I spoke with lives alone in one bedroom of a huge house and the room smells of urine. He claims that he is dieing. He has been alone most of his life. It was an image that for better or worse I foresee happening to many LGBT people.

The second man (above) has been the primary care giver for his aging partner. He believes the only thing that saved him from suicide was reaching out for help. Today he seems vibrant and full of life.

I’ll try to meet with both again tomorrow to learn the details of their lives and hopefully. I need to be meeting more people. I fear leaving next with only two solid situations to shoot when I come back.

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