Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hard to believe it's been a year since Krys Anne passed away

KrysAnne Hembrough from Gen Silent

Emails from Krys Anne's caregiving group circulated today in remembrance of the anniversary of her death from cancer.
She is one of the most compelling subjects of my current documentary, Gen Silent that premiere's in just a few days.

Krys Anne reviews her latest interview shot on a Canon XH-A1

For me, it was the anniversary of pulling together a group of people in the LGBT community to care for her. We barely knew each other or her. But through her case worker, Jenifer Firestone, we learned that our community has the power to care for our LGBT elders or any if us who is facing mortality alone.
Many of us know what it's like to be alone. I think it's the one thing I'm grateful that people coming out today will never have to feel- that they are the only LGBT person in the world. But there is a power in having felt that. I won't let it happen to people on the back side of their lives.

Krys Anne and Director Stu Maddux look at footage during their first week shooting

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