Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Laurel Leaves for Gen Silent

Kingpin naps on the growing stack of festival submission forms

Multi-tasking is an understatement. I've been catching up on a hundred work things as I slowly output and re-output the latest edition of our documentary on LGBT Aging, Gen Silent.

Its world premiere earlier this month at the Boston LGBT Film Festival was very encouraging (two sold out shows and three standing ovations). Now comes the 10% of finishing left:
technical correction and content changes based on audience feedback.

The computer below makes laurel leaves while the one above renders out the film

In between the rendering (computer processing video) is when I try to get out the news that we have a good film on our hands. Things like making the graphic of those little laurel leaves for the film festivals we are accepted in: NewFest, Provincetown Intl. Film Festival, NCGLFF.

I'm looking forward to soon having help with all these things. It will all depend on our fundraising.

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