Monday, December 1, 2008


The home of the next person to be profiled for Gen Silent

I am REALLY looking forward to staying a few days this week in the Boston home of KrysAnne Hembrough, a transgender woman about sixty-years-old.
Single and without close family ties, she has volunteered to talk to us for my current documentary, "Gen Silent" about her struggle to find people to help her through a terminal illness. You may think from from the picture above that money would solve all that for her- but not so. I will be staying with her to capture as much of the ups and downs as possible.
Despite her terminal illness, she remains a delight to be around and the energy in this home is great. BUT, I'm not posting any more pictures until the shooting begins on Wednesday!

In the meantime... KrysAnne is still driving, and I can't wait to get shots of her in this:

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