Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An email excerpt after seeing the film, Milk

Hi Bob!
Thanks for those catches on the website/email. I really depend on the feedback until the day I have a web designer.
Castro Theater, San Francisco on Sunday Nov 30th at 10am

We saw Milk yesterday at the Castro Theatre. The place was packed at 1pm on a Monday. When we walked out people were flocking to the repeal 8 petitions outside. There was a sense of continuity as I watched Joe sign a petition under that huge marquee surrounded by people half his age and others almost twice his age. I wanted someone to take his picture in B&W like those that we saw in the film because...I felt a part of a history that is OURS. What must those younger people feel. They must want to be the next Milk. Secretly, I want to be the next Milk too and take a lot of encouragement that he started when he was 40.

I gave KrysAnne a video camera. I hope you'll shoot something fun for Christmas if you both get bored. I'll be calling. Talk to you then!


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