Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting close to your subject

I had to get out of the house. There’s enough drama there for a year wrapped into one day. Trip, the subject of my documentary, seems to be fading faster than all of us expected. My partner has a elder abuse situation going on with his mother. I had an hour and a half Skype session with a client in my un airconditioned office. So I come to the Coffee Table in Silverlake and find myself surrounded with tables full of people talking theories about editing and documentary- actually one person at each table is doing all the talking. The rest are listening. This is a very common phenomenon in Los Angeles. Sometimes people talk extra loud about their project so everyone else can here. I don’t know if it’s conscious on their part or not and I have at least one dear friend who does this when we “do lunch’ together.

Do any of them ever stop talking long enough to get close to their subjects? I’m sitting here alone, drained, sipping a Diet Coke kind of the example in the room of what happens when you do.

I always tell my subjects that creating a documentary will be a life-changing experience. Yes.

Today, yes.

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