Friday, September 10, 2010

And also to Outflix Memphis: my regrets for a different reason

I wish I could be there but I'm kind of scared of a guy I met three years ago during a screening in Little Rock. I'm sure he would just drive up for more terrorizing.

Haha! Let's save it for another entry.

Memphis is close enough to Little Rock that you could drive there on a Saturday night

I wonder what Memphis people will think of it. When we were in Richmond, several people of color ask me if Lawrence and Alexandre faced discrimination because they were a mixed race couple. That was the first time we had gotten that question. These patterns that develop during a question and answer session are fascinating to me.

Yes, Alexandre lost most of his friends when he started going out with Lawrence. Which one is black and which one is white? Heeheehee! Gotta see the film! Now don't go assuming anything because of your own experience.

I would love to screen Gen Silent in my old hometown of Nashville soon too. I need to contact Chuck Long about that. It keeps getting pushed off. Sorry Chuck, if you happen to come across this. We are all lucky to have Chuck in our lives.

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